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BUL Cherokee, Compact

Cherokee, Compact

The "slim" and compact version of the New Cherokee line of pistols

The Cherokee Compact delivers the ultimate combination between firepower and compactness and fits virtually every palm.

Technical Specs:
Caliber: 9x19mm
Capacity: 17+1
Weight: 730 Gr.
Overall Length: 195mm
Width (excluding Slide-Stop): 32.3mm
Height: 140mm
Barrel Length: 93mm
Sights: 3 Dot System: Rear, drift-adjustable; Front. fixed steel
Night Sights Optional
Sight Radius: 138mm
Type of action: DA/SA
Trigger Pull: 2.5Kg.
Trigger travel till discharge: 7.6mm (Single-Action)
Safeties: Manual, Firing Pin; safety & Half-Cock
Frame Construction: Injected Fiber reinforced polymer
Slide Construction: Made from a forged 18 Cr Mo4 Steel part
Barrel Construction: Made from a forged 34 Ni Cr Mo6 part
Barrel Rifling: Right Hand, rifled, 6 grooves, 1 turn in 250mm
Porting: Optional
Finish: BUL Tough or Black Oxide
Grip to Slide Axis: Nearly Natural, 104 degrees
Natural Point of Aim: Natural POA is 105 degrees
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