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Cabot Guns CGI/Classic


For those seeking the modern elegance of an established fighting pistol without sacrificing the traditional poise associated with the model 1911; there’s Cabot Guns' CGI/Classic. Where the GI/Classic reflects the pinnacle of "perfectly original", the CGI/ Classic adds a bit of contemporary spin. This is the pistol that incorporates all of the modern design changes that have kept the 1911 current over one-hundred years of operational use, and other innovations that are uniquely-Cabot.

A flared ejection-port frames a polished "Post-Custom" National Match Grade barrel; ensuring consistent casing removal, action cycling, and the better-than-National-Match accuracy you’ve come to expect from your out-of-the box Cabot 1911. Subtle changes to the GI 1911 design give the shooter a more stable grip, and steadier close-range sight picture. We've added striations to the rear strap of the CGI/Classic, and widened the front post on the iconic GI sights atop this pistol. These small alterations preserve the classic feel of the 1911 pistol, while increasing the ease with which the pistol is gripped and the speed with which the eye can acquire the next target – in short; everything old is new again.

Visually striking to behold in our Semi-Polished Bright Blued finish, the CGI/Classic's blend of old and new features standard a set of beautiful Wicked Grips Box Elder grips; giving your pistol the classic look and feel of a wooden-gripped 1911 while incorporating the exotic look of knurled American Box Elder. A modern aluminum trigger, polished feed ramp, and 16.5lb recoil spring round out a pistol that truly proves that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

This is the pistol that will go on Safari with you; the piece of art that starts campfire conversations; the reliable and durable American-made firearm that bears the torch of American excellence for all to see and feel. The CGI/Classic isn’t quite Gran-Daddy's gun; but give it some time, you'll be a Gran-Daddy one day.

CGI/Classic Features Include:

1911A1 Styling
Polished Feed Ramp
Flared Ejection Port
16.5 lb. recoil spring
Weight 40 oz. with empty magazine
5" Post-Custom NM Grade Barrel
Semi-Polished Bright Bluing
Bright Barrel
Modern Aluminum Trigger
Standard GI Style Thumb Safety (RH)
Standard GI Style Slide Stop
WickedBox Elder Grips
Chip McCormick Power Mag Magazine
Owners/User Manual
Barrel Bushing Wrench
Child Resistant Gun Lock
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