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Cabot Guns Jones 1911

Jones 1911

The Jones 1911 is Cabot's flagship pistol, the gun that started an obsession, and the project during which we re-wrote all the rules. The introduction of Cabot Guns and the Jones 1911 to the firearms market has done more than turn heads; it's turned the industry upside down.

Our history as a firearms manufacturer begins during the recession of 2008, with the economy slowing and the primary customers of our manufacturing facility – Penn United Technologies – tightening their belts, the engineers, machinists, and nano-technologists at Cabot found themselves with some extra time on their hands. From men and women who dedicate their lives to servicing the needs of America’s precision-demanding aerospace industries, sprouted the idea to apply that same attention to detail, near excessive dedication to quality control, and pride in our craft to the creation of the perfect firearm. We're a company with deeply seeded American roots and an unwavering commitment to American prowess; there was no question as to which firearm we would produce – it had to be the Browning pistol, model 1911. We've introduced more than "just another 1911" to the firearms community, we’ve created the new standard in precision pistols – we've brought the 1911 into the 21st century.

It takes more than machines to make art, more than precision to create perfection; we've understood this since our beginnings over 40 years ago. Penn United’s founder, Carl Jones, was a man with an unmatched belief in American excellence. A passionate innovator and stalwart supporter of American industry, Carl taught us that by perfecting our craft and investing in our people; we could not only be the best in the world at what we do, but that we could in fact build the impossible. This is our promise, this is our creed, and this is our livelihood. We've poured our souls into creating the Jones 1911. Hold one. As it warms to your grasp you will feel the welling pride of American excellence that it represents.

The design, manufacture, and perfection of the Jones 1911 is a process we've approached without regard to time, cost, or materials; our only concerns are to "do it right, do it better, and to do it American." Where others create their firearms using forged frames and cast slides, Cabot starts with a solid block of American 4140 Billet Steel and uses computer controlled machining and EDM technology to shape our frames and slides – progressing then on to precision grinding machines to create perfectly consistent fits which leave no tooling marks on our final product.

The Jones 1911 is as innovative as it historic. One glance and you clearly see the pedigree of the 1911 embodied in the Jones – one stare and you come to realize that it's a revolution in firearms manufacturing. We’ve pioneered a precision technology for sophisticated industries, a feat which not only enables us to guarantee the precision-fit of the Jones 1911, Though we never intend to become a high-volume manufacturer, we continuously strive to improve on the perfection that is our product.

If you're ready to meet the new standard of excellence in the engineering and elegance of the 1911 pistol, Mr. Jones waits to greet you. Say hello to art in action.

Please also see our ultra premium Jones Deluxe 1911 model, perhaps the most beautiful 1911 ever crafted.

Jones 1911 Features Include:

1911 Styling
Frame and Slide Constructed from USA 4140 Sourced Billet Steel, Proprietary Hardening
CNC Machining, EDM wire, EDM Sink, CNC Jig Grinding, CNC Surface Grinding
5 in. Post-Custom National Match Grade Fitted Barrel
Hand Polished Feed Ramp
Lowered and Flared Ejection Port
16.5 lb. Wolff Variable Recoil Spring
Hand-Polished Bright Bluing
Front Strap Checkering, 20 LPI
Front Slide EDM Sink Formed Checkering
Front Slide EDM Sink Formed Trinity Stripes
Rear Slide EDM Sink Formed Checkering
Rear Slide EDM Formed Trinity Stripes
Cabot Design Barrel Bushing
RH Thumb or Ambidextrous Safety
Stainless Tristar Trigger with Front Pad Knurled on a Rounded and Radius Pattern
Titanium Firing Pin
Beveled and Chamfered Magwell
CNC Engraved Star on Guide Rod
Novak Adjustable 3 dot Sights
Hand Polished Beaver Tail Grip Safety
Wicked Desert Ironwood Grips
8 Round Magazine
Owners/User Manual
Barrel Bushing Wrench
Child Resistant Gun Lock
Weight 40 oz.
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