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Cabot Guns National Standard

National Standard

Cabot Guns is committed to the continual advancement of precision design, engineering, and manufacturing. In our world, the term "standard" refers to the level of quality that industry demands, and to us it is a commitment to perfection. National Standards are what ensure that precision components made in factories thousands of miles apart will mesh together seamlessly and function exactly as designed – this is the level of quality you can expect from Cabot's National Standard 1911. It's the new standard against which an industry will be measured.

This pistol is constructed of American 420 stainless steel, an uncompromising tip of the hat to the metal industry that helped forge the American identity. Where American metallurgists pioneered new blends of steel, and spearheaded the advancement of an entire industry – catapulting the United States to the forefront of worldwide manufacturing, so too has Cabot Guns propelled the innovative advancement of firearms design and gunsmithery with the National Standard.

The eye is drawn to Cabot's Tristar trigger, which in and of itself represents a significant advancement in the machining process. Each star is precision formed using wire EDM technology, notable in its own right and capable of cutting to a level of precision finer than a human hair. However, the true draw of the Tristar trigger is found on the trigger pad; Cabot engineers have developed an innovative and proprietary process through which they are able to knurl the raised and rounded edges of the precision-fit ergonomic trigger, giving the pistol a much more comfortable grip when firing. Your fingers aren't flat, so why should you settle for a flat trigger-pad?

Gracing the rear of the slide are the words "National Standard," a public and ever-viewable commitment to quality stated in a bold, classically American typeface. The National Standard’s slide serrations also subtly advertise the level of care and quality with which we have formed this pistol. In between each serration, you'll find an additional micro-serration, themselves only ten hairs wide and gracefully ranging from zero to three and a half hairs deep and back again. These markings are precision-ground into the slide, completing the National Standard's unique look, and exemplifying the quality and attention to detail which ships with each Cabot Guns pistol.

Treat yourself to a slice of Americana. Feel the heft of American steel at your hip and the weight of a national identity in your hands. Be the envy of fellow shooters as you fire one of the world’s most innovatively-classic firearms. This is the Cabot Guns National Standard.

National Standard Features Include:

Modern full size 1911 styling
420 stainless steel frame and slide
stainless nm grade barrel
polished feed ramp
lowered and flared ejection port
16.5 lb. Recoil spring
tristar trigger
rear slide serrations
top slide serrations
rh thumb safety
extended slide stop
20 lpi front strap checkering
novak adjustable 3 dot sights
8-round magazine
hand polished, ironwood grips
choice of grips

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