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Star Firearms Ultrastar


The Star Ultrastar is a pistol manufactured by the now defunct Star Bonifacio Echeverria, S.A., a Spanish pistol manufacturer.

The Ultrastar, also known as Model 205, uses the same operating method as the Model M31, but with an ejector port locking block, the Ultrastar pistols are smaller and lighter guns for carry and concealment. A single-column pistol in either 9 mm Parabellum or .40 S&W cal., their primary feature of interest is a polymer frame. This is constructed with steel inserts and a ribbed magazine well for extra stiffness and strength. Fitted with a straight barrel instead of a cone, the Ultrastars are lightweight and well-suited for their intended role, with even the safety lever designed fit flush when on 'fire.'

Ultrastars are also single-column pistols, which is unusual for a newly-designed pistol these days, and helps make the gun slim and comfortable. They could have been designed even more slim, but instead there is significant thickness, with reinforcing webs, under each grip area. This gives the frame a very solid feel, something lacking in many other plastic framed pistols.

The Ultrastars firing pin/safety system is substantially that of the M28/30/31. The safety lever is arranged opposite that of other modern Star pistols (protruding to the rear of the axis) and is designed to fit flush when on fire, instead of sticking out like most others. The firing pin stop plate is set up as usual; depress the firing pin to slide the plate up and off. The drop safety will, of course, have to be depressed to allow enough travel in the firing pin.

The stripping pin is retained in the frame when pushed to the side to strip and is separate from the slide lock, as on the Megastar. The slide lock lever, magazine release and other features are reminiscent of the Megastar as well.
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