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Valtro USA PM5


This is an Italian made box magazine fed pump action 12 gauge. it has an aluminum alloy receiver making it very light. also the ammo all being directly under the receiver makes for a very well balanced gun. you don't get that nose heavy feeling like you do with tube magazine fed guns with this kind of round capacity. also the pump action is extremely smooth. the magazine spring takes the place of the shell lifter making the forward motion of the forearm just as light as the backward motion.

The PM5 Shotgun includes the following features:

Capacity: 7 Rounds +1 in chamber
Choice of Pistol Grip or Standard Stocks
20 inch barrel
Ultra Light Weight
Non-Glare matte Black Finish
Removable Prismatic Box Magazine Feed
Interchangeable Choke Tubes Optional
Folding Stock Optional
Simple reliable design with minimal moving parts
3 inch chamber will fit 2 and 3/4 and 3 inch shells
Internally Chromed Barrels
The special alloy receiver's surface is resistant to atmospheric agents
Minimal Maintenance required due to simple design and rugged construction
Used by Law Enforcement and Military around the world

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