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CZ ceska zbrojovka CZ-83

The micro-sized .380s that have arrived on the scene in recent years have reduced dimensions to the point that they are difficult to control even for the most accomplished shooters. The CZ 83's combination of small size and moderate weight easily handles the new generation of high-performance defensive ammo that has become available for 'pocket' pistol calibers from leading ammo manufacturers. The DA/SA trigger mechanism operates in the same manner as the CZ 75. The 83 can be carried 'cocked and locked' with the hammer back and the safety on for single action operation, or it may be manually decocked for hammer-down carry. When carried in the decocked position, the safety lever does not need to be de-activated, but instead the first shot is double action and subsequent shots are single action. The CZ 83 features an ambidextrous manual safety and magazine catch.

Along with its superior shootability, the 83 boasts twice the magazine capacity (12+1 in .380) of its tiny competitors.
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