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Indian Arms Indian Arms 380

The Indian Arms 380 is a Walther PPK clone made in Detroit by the Indian Arms corporation. It was the only gun they made and it exists in limited quantities.
Indian Arms Indian Arms 380 Reviews

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Posted By: Michael
11/13/13 03:13 AM

Not sure how I forgot to put this gem in the database.
Posted By: Jason
11/13/13 03:55 AM

Not sure how you gave up on finding springs for it.
Posted By: Michael
11/13/13 04:03 AM

Just saw a video on youtube about a guy whos safety blew up on him. Not sure id fire it again if i had it working...but thought about seeing if he'd send me his trigger bar spring lol. Either way, now that I am all set with a carry, a back up carry and a back up back up carry, i think i am going to concentrate on more historical discontinued pistols. So that might include getting the IA380 back in shape.
Posted By: barstoolguru
11/13/13 06:07 PM

clean the finger prints off of it and use it as a throw down gun
Posted By: Michael
11/13/13 08:16 PM

lol. id never be able to look my dad in the eye again when he asked me where his gun was.