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Model 62/64 Review

Everybody who lives out in the county needs one. Pest and small predator control, target practice, teaching the kids (and now the grandkids) gun safety and how to shoot, etc. Not to mention that in a survival situation you can live off squirrels and rabbits until you run out of ammo or run out of squirrels and rabbits. At $19 +/- for 550 rounds you'll probably run out of small game first. It'll even kill a deer if you're a good enough shot and/or lucky, but I'd only try it in that aforementioned survival situation. In any case, it's lots of fun--easy to load and easy to shoot well. It shoots any kind of .22 long rifle bullet you put in it and has never (NEVER) jammed after literally thousands of rounds. And it was cheap--$100 before tax. You don't even need ear protection. Negatives: No adjustable sights and it requires a wrench and a screwdriver to take apart and clean--and it's really hard to get it really clean.