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Father finds man under childs bed, shoots him (Arkansas)

A Harrison, Arkansas man came home for lunch on Friday and found a man, later identified as 32 year old Ryan Gingerich of Arkansas, hiding under his child's bed with a crowbar and a screwdriver.

A scuffle broke out and the homeowner retreated to get his handgun. When the homeowner came back to the room, the intruder jumped out of a window and tried to escape. The homeowner told Gingerich to stop and when he failed to the homeowner shot Gingerich.

Police arrived to Gingerich wounded in the backyard and took him for medical treatment. No charges will be filed against the homeowner.

Posts: News / Father finds man under childs bed, shoots him (Arkansas)

Posted By: Jayson
10/29/12 01:35 PM

Not a father myself so I can only estimate the anger, but I believe the father should be commended for his restraint. He would not have been "wounded" when the police arrived and there would be no "medical treatment" for him if this were my family.