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63 year old woman shoots and kills armed intruder (Alabama)

A 63 year old Bessemer, Alabama woman got quite the scare early Saturday morning. It was approximately four in the morning when the woman awoke to a man standing over her bed holding a rifle.

The intruder demanded money and jewelry and the woman refused. A struggle broke out and the criminal dropped the rifle and pulled out a small keyhole saw. The woman was cut on her arms and stomach.

A family friend staying in the house heard the commotion and came into the room. While the criminal was distracted by the friend, the woman grabbed her handgun and fired at her attacker. The criminal fled from the scene.

Deputies arrived and could not locate the suspect but were able to identify the rifle a an air rifle. A few hours later deputies checked with the hospital for gunshot victims and were told that a 46 year old man had just been admitted. The man initially told officers that he had been at a party and had been dared to shoot himself.

Officers called BS and the story fell apart. The man was transferred to another hospital for life threatening injuries and has been charged with armed burglary and assault.

"I think this intruder picked the wrong victim and paid a price for it,'' Jefferson County Chief Deputy Randy Christian said. "Obviously this woman is prepared for such an occasion, and unafraid to defend herself and her home."