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Bank President pulls gun, catches robber in parking lot (Missouri)

David W. Thompson is the President of Peoples Bank & Trust in Troy, Missouri and a concealed carrier. David was in his office with an advertising salesman when his secretary buzzed in with the message, "David, we have a problem".

David looked through the window of his office and saw concerned looks on his tellers faces and a man, dressed in a heavy jacket with a Halloween mask on, calmly walking away from the counter with one of the banks money bags.

As the man walked outside of the bank, David followed him and locked the bank doors to secure the building. Once the man entered his pickup truck David drew his Colt .380, aimed at the robbers face and said, ""Sir, get out of the truck, you're not going anywhere".

The masked robber began to put his hand into his pocket as if reaching for a weapon. "You don't want to go there," David implored. "This will end badly." Unbeknownst to the robber another bank employee and concealed carrier had approached the other side of the truck with his weapon aimed at the criminal. "Now you have two guns on you," David said. "Don't try anything."

Police arrived less than a minute after the man left the bank and arrested him. One of the tellers recognized the man and, after some research, David determined the man was a customer of the bank who had opened his account roughly 8 months ago.

Asked if he was scared, David said, "I didn't have time to get scared. I was excited. Your adrenaline pumps. He robbed a bank, he menaced my employees — and I don't allow that".

That's the kind of boss everyone should have.