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Maybe the jails are better in South Carolina (South Carolina)

On October 22nd Eric Leonard Riley, 30, and Ahkeem Sweet, 21, decided to take a trip to St. Helena Island in Beaufort County, South Carolina from their home state of Georgia.

For the history buffs out there, St. Helena island is part of the Hilton Head Island-Beaufort Micropolitan Area and is world reknown for both it's Lowcountry character and for being the major center of African-American Gullah culture (and language). If you aren't familiar with it and you like history, take a minute to read up on it as it is one of those interesting little corners of the country.

Back to idiots on parade. Beaufort County Sheriff's Deputies responded to a call on St. Helena Island of shots fired at a mobile home. When deputies arrived at the mobile home they found the yard covered in women's belongings and a small amount of blood while the trailer was pockmarked with bullet holes.

It seems Stupid 1 and Stupid 2 (Riley and Sweet) decided to hold up the woman as she returned to her own home. That's right, mugging someone on their own property. My thoughts? The same as Gib from True Lies:

"Ballsy. Stupid, but ballsy."

Sweet, armed with a handgun, returned fire at the resident, missing her but striking the mobile home several times. The men fled the scene. Several hours later Riley was treated at Memorial Medical Center in Savannah, Georgia for multiple gunshot wounds. (Side note: How do these criminals wait for several hours after getting shot in order to get medical treatment?. Savannah Police quickly connected Riley to the St. Helena Island shootings and placed him under arrest. Sweet was apprehended in Claxton, Georgia and placed into custody awaiting extradition.