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Run. Hide. Fight. - How to Respond to an Active Shooter Situation

This video from the City of Houston Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security is an effort to teach residents what to do during a shooting. Homeland Security officials said they realized during training exercises that first responders knew how to react but citizens were far less knowledgeable.

The video emphasizes a short mantra - run, hide, fight - to help people remember their options. "As children we're all taught by the fire department to stop, drop and roll if you're on fire," said Richard Retz, who works for the Mayor's Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security and helped produce the video. "Unfortunately, with our society the way it is today, we felt that there had to be a new one."

Personally, I applaud the effort and think it is time for something like this (with whatever that says about our society as another topic for another day). I did notice they took care to show the standardized sign on the door that would make it illegal for CCW holders to be carrying inside the building. What are your thoughts on the video and on the mantra - Run, Hide, Fight?