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Clerk shoots, kills man attacking store manager (Indiana)

On October 6th in Indianapolis, Indiana a customer at Stoney's liquor refused to pay for merchandise. As the store manager started to escort the would be shoplifter, later identified as Warren Pope, from the store a conflict broke out.

"(He was)refusing to pay for what he selected. A struggle ensued between he and the manager, who was attempting to escort him out. They got into an altercation," said Officer Michael Hewitt of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

Pope had the manager on the ground when a store clerk came outside. Seeing the manager under attack and pinned to the ground, the clerk fired, shooting the attacker in the chest.

"I was out in the parking lot and I heard a gun shot," said Joe Peterman, who was headed to the area to visit his girlfriend at work. "It sounded like a shotgun blast to me, because it was a big boom."

Pope was mortally wounded and was found dead on the scene just outside the front door of the store.