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83 year old woman with walker draws pistol on two robbers (South Carolina)

An 83 year old woman was home alone around 11a.m. yesterday in Greenville, South Carolina when she heard someone knocking on her kitchen door. Since she uses a walker it took the senior citizen a while to get to the door and by the time she got there a man was pressing against the door trying to force his way in.

The woman let the men in because, as she says, "they were persistent". The bigger man stayed by her while the skinny, "hyper" man headed further into the house towards the bedrooms. As the woman got suspicious of the men's motives she walked over to a desk in the living room and drew a pistol on the men.

The bigger man told the other man to "come on" and the men fled the scene.

Let's just be glad that the elderly woman had a firearm and was able to get the men to leave the scene with just a few possessions rather than the situation spiraling out of control and the woman possibly getting hurt. On the other hand, what kind of scum targets an elderly woman like that? So much for Southern manners.