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Who says they only shoot naked people in Alabama? (Florida)

On the afternoon of Saturday, October 20th, in Hernando County, Florida two off duty officers at a party had an interaction with a naked woman. No, no, no...nothing that interesting.

The naked woman had interrupted a party the officers were at and had been asked to leave. A partygoer had called 911 to report the woman as she left but she returned to the party before authorities could arrive.

"She was just acting irrational," Hernando County Sheriff Al Neinhuis told reporters. "It was obvious being naked she was not in her right mind."

"She came back with a weapon and confronted both the Tampa police officer and my sheriff's office detective," Neinhuis said. "She came with a weapon and I would surmise that they felt their life was in danger."

It has not been released what weapon the woman had but at some point either one or both of the off duty officers drew their weapons and fired at the woman, wounding the woman and causing her to die on the scene.