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Armed robber killed by concealed carrier (Michigan)

Around 10p.m. last night, two armed men stormed into Adi's Coney Island restaurant in Detroit, Michigan.

The two men stormed in and one of the men demanded money. The other criminal, standing by the register and owner Adi Avdolli drew his gun and shot Avdolli.

"He just put the gun in my face and he (shot) me. He never asked me anything. He never asked me for money," said Adi Avdolli. "He just pulled the trigger."

At that time, a restaurant patron who is a concealed carry licensee, drew his firearm and opened fire with a total of 8 rounds - wounding and, ultimately killing the criminal. "I wanted to save his (Avdolli's) life and my life and those other people that were in here, as well. There were about six people in here and we all could've been dead," said the 51 year old concealed carrier.

Responding to the concealed carrier, the suspect standing lookout at the door fired his shotgun, striking the concealed carrier before jumping into a car and pulling away.

I'll leave the final comment to the 51 year old hero of this story, "A word of warning to people who do stuff like this, watch out, you never know who's in the background with a gun because they might be legal and able to protect themselves and others around you".