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Man shoots intruder entering home (Pennsylvania)

Pete Dellibovi of Sharon, Pennsylvania is an active firearms carrier. He always carries a gun, even when answering his door. Side note: If you read these stories regularly you should know how often crimes start with an unexpected knock on the door

Earlier today, Pete was resting in his home when he heard a loud banging noise from his back door. As Pete tells it, "I approach to see who they were. When I saw this guy, a young black guy, push to try and come in. He saw my gun. He stood up he said oh. I shot a couple of times". The intruder ran away.

One of the neighbors, hearing the gunfire came over told him that he had just shot her grandson. According to Pete the woman then said, "You did what you had to do to defend yourself."

Ten minutes after the break in occurred 18 year old Markees Hughes entered Sharon Regional Health System for a gunshot wound to the groin. Hughes was transferred to St. Elizabeth Health Center for treatment and was placed under arrest.