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Once a Marine, always a Marine: disabled veteran shoots man breaking in (Oklahoma)

77-year-old Lloyd McCarty is a veteran of the 8th Rifle Company, United States Marine Corps. Of course, there's no way the man who targeted his house in Muskogee, Oklahoma could have known that.

It was just before 11p.m. when Lloyd and his wife heard a very light knock on the door. The knock was so light Lloyd grabbed his .32 pistol. As he approached the door, the criminal tried to break the door down, sending the latch plate tumbling to the ground.

Lloyd fired once through the door and... well... Lloyd's words are the best description:

"He hit (the door) real hard and when he hit it that hard that's when I shot the door. He went to a hollerin' and screamin'. I could hear him going clear down the street hollerin."

The perpetrator was found by police, arrested, and charges have been filed. Of course, it wouldn't be a story about Muskogee without a little Merle Haggard