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Jim Bob stops criminals with shotgun (Missouri)

Just before 5a.m. on November 9th Jim "Jim Bob" Lundberg realized something wasn't quite right the animal hospital near his home inKansas City, Missouri.

As he puts it,"I thought, 'Nobody's suppose to be there.' I thought they might be out there trying to steal the air conditioners. So I went back to the house and grabbed my gun and went back up the hill where I've got vehicles parked and halfway up the hill I saw two people coming around".

As Jim Bob went to look at the the cars he two men in what he believes was the process of vandalizing his beloved older Chevy Camaro. Jim Bob saw them pull out cable cutters to steal the battery and decided enough was enough.

"I jumped up and fired a shot. And I said, 'Hunker down!' I told them there wouldn't be a second shot, and they hit the ground," he said. "They hit the ground pretty quickly. But the thing was they wasn't going to be a second (warning) shot."

Jim Bob held the men at gunpoint until authorities arrived.

Jim Bob is also offering offering a $250 reward for the return of his dog, stolen in August. You can reach him via Blue Parkway Bait & Park Supplies.