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Home invader shot, killed (South Carolina)

The Beaufort County, South Carolina Sheriff's Office received a call of suspicious activity near Bluffton last night around 1:30. Around half an hour later the Sheriff's Office received a call from William Wise, a nearby homeowner, that he had shot an intruder inside his home.

When police arrived at Wise's home they found 39 year old Paul Rowell dead in the main entry hallway. As they investigated the story Wise told was harrowing. Wise and his wife were startled from sleep by their dogs barking loudly. Wise grabbed a flashlight and went to see what caused the disturbance. What Wise saw was an unknown male, now known to be Rowell, exiting a truck in front of the home.

Wise went inside and retrieved his handgun and went back to the door, instructing Rowell to leave. Rowell continued to demand to come inside. Wise then fired a warning shot in the air to discourage Rowell. Instead, Rowell attacked and tried to take the gun. The struggle brought the men into the house at which time Wise fired several rounds - wounding Rowell mortally.