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Breaking in through the garage? There's an act for that (Alabama)

Redstone Way in Birmingham, Alabama has been plagued by burglaries in the last few months. One house on the street has been hit four times by criminals. So, when the owner of that home was interrupted from his video games around 8:30 Monday morning by a noise at the front door, he went to check. Nothing there, let's get back to gaming.

When he sat back down to play he heard glass breaking in the garage. When the homeowner went to investigate he saw a man with his upper body already in the garage and his feet dangling out. The homeowner grabbed his gun and fired several times. The burglar was able to crawl back out the window and flee to a waiting car with several accomplices inside.

The homeowner, unsure if he hit the man, called police. Police came to the scene and were later called away when UAB hospital called saying they had a patient with a gunshot wound. Police determined the wounded man was the burglar and placed him under arrest.