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Robbery stopped when clerk opens fire. Now that's my kind of woman (South Carolina)

Around 1 this morning three men in dark clothing and ski masks stormed into the Corner Pantry convenience store demanding money and cash from the employee on duty. The clerk told authorities the men were waving and firing their weapons in the store.

How did she handle it? Did she follow the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence's (CSGV's) advice and call 911 and pray while the authorities took the typical 9 minutes to respond to a call?

Nope, the clerk drew her own weapon and returned fire - wounding one man in the upper body and possibly hitting a second man. The man wounded in the chest was taken to Palmetto Health Richland hospital while police are still looking for the other two.

Most importantly, the clerk is alive and uninjured after three armed men tried to rob her store and opened fire. I'll take her method over CGSV's every time.