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Woman is confronted by intruder, opens fire (West Virginia)

Shena Walker of Putnam County, West Virginia was coming home this evening when she saw a man standing on her porch. Thinking it was a salesman of some sort she decided to drive by and let him leave.

When she came back to the house and the man was nowhere in sight, yet his car was in the driveway Shena knew something was wrong. As Shena puts it, "When I was walking around the house I heard him trying to either kick the door in or bust it in and then I saw him take a rock so I knew he had gotten in at that point".

Hearing that noise Shena ran back to her car, where her three year old son was in the car, and called 911. Moments later the intruder, now identified as James Galloway, came out and asked Shena where someone was then got in his car. As he pulled out he nearly hit Shena and her car so she drew her weapon and fired.

"I've just got to hit something and maybe I'll bust a tire and maybe he won't make it very far and maybe he'll get caught," Shena said "I've got to do what I've got to do to protect my house and to protect my kid who was in the car with me".

Hardly a stranger to crime, Shena has been targeted five times before. In her words:
"People like that are scum and they just don't work and be worthless and steal from people who try to make an honest living and work for what they've got"

Well said, Shena. Well said.