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This ain't Goldilocks... Senior Citizen shoots intruder (West Virginia)

A 76-year-old Charleston, West Virginia man awoke around 3:30 this morning to find that someone had been eating his porridge. Okay, he actually woke to a loud noise, grabbed his handgun and went to investigate.

What he found was a perverted take on Goldilocks. A grown man, now identified as Darin Lanning, eating from the fridge - wearing just a t-shirt and a pair of underwear. Enjoy that visual.

The homeowner told Lanning to stay put until authorities arrived. Instead, Lanning charged the owner and the owner shot him in the shoulder. Police arrived and arrested Lanning who told them he wasn't in Charleston, he was in Hurricane, West Virginia and that it was his friends house. When CPD checked with the Hurricane PD, they found that Lanning had been arrested for public intoxication Friday afternoon after telling authorities he had consumed a 12 pack and a handful of shots.

Lanning is being held on multiple charges on a property only bond.