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Concealed carrying store clerk shoots, kills armed robber (Pennsylvania)

Where to start... the defensive gun use or the stupid law enforcement comment of the week? Hmm...

Let's do the crime first:
On Saturday night a man entered the Beer-4-Less in Millcreek Township, Pennsylvania wearing dark clothing and a ski mask. Generally, that's not a good start to a story. The masked man, now identified as 21-year-old Patrick Atkins, waved a handgun and demanded money from the clerk.

The clerk, a licensed concealed carrier, told Atkins that he had a gun (no idea why you would announce it, but different strokes for different folks) and the robber became more threatening with his handgun and his movements. Atkins then made a movement to "bolster his position" so the clerk drew and opened fire on the masked moron criminal.

Atkins then ran from the store and was found dead just North of the store still clutching his handgun.


What did Millcreek Township Police Captain Michael Tesore have to say about the incident and the clerk who was concealed carrying?

"We are not encouraging people, naturally, to carry guns and get gun permits and take matters into their own hands. This situation, from what we've been told of it, this individual posed a life threat to the clerk in this case and it's probably a good thing he did have a weapon."

My question for Captain Tesore - Why don't you think people should be carrying?

The store clerk here stopped a robbery, didn't become a statistic, and did all of this in compliance with the law. Shouldn't you be applauding this behavior instead of telling people you disagree?