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1 killed, 1 shot, 1 hit by car - CCW holder refuses to be victim (Texas)

Two men were talking in the parking lot of their apartment complex in Houston, Texas when they were approached by three armed men. The armed men demanded the victims give over their money and their valuables.

One of the men didn't want to be a victim and was a licensed concealed carrier. He drew his firearm and unleashed a volley of shots striking two of the robbers. As neighbor Ashley Roy put it, "When we heard like six gunshots and we ran outside, we saw a guy, he was getting robbed. One escaped but he was hit by a car".

You read that right. The concealed carrier shot two of the men six times. The third man, in his haste to get the hell out of there was hit by a car. Karma can be a beautiful thing.

The two robbers wounded by gun shots were taken to the hospital where one expired and the second is still listed in critical condition. The man who was hit by a car is still at large.