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Woman opens door and opens fire. Burglar leaves. (Oklahoma)

A Wyandotte, Oklahoma woman was disturbed from her sleep around 9a.m. yesterday by a knock on the door. The woman got up and looked out a window to see a stranger on her patio and an Chevy S10 pickup truck she was unfamiliar with in her driveway.

Home alone with her 3-year-old-son and having a bad feeling, she grabbed her .22 caliber pistol and chambered a round. At this point the man had forced his way through the outer and was beginning to work on the locked entry door.

When the woman saw the knob on the door start to turn she flung the door open and shot at the would-be burglar. The man ran out to the waiting truck and left the scene. Police were able to locate the truck in Missouri and the man - Nathan Lankford has been placed under arrest with a $100,000 bond.