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Bodega clerk refuses to be a victim. Stops crime spree (New Jersey)

Let's start with the quote from Jorge Baez, the owner of Pily's Grocery in Paterson, New Jersey - "The guy up the street is a hero". He was talking about an employee from a competing grocery store / bodega right down the street.

Why did Jorge say that? Let's go back to Tuesday night between 7p.m. and 8p.m. two armed men entered Jorge's store, ransacking the cash register and forcing employees to empty their wallets. The thugs were convinced that there was cash being kept from them so the violence quickly escalated as they pistol whipped several employees.

Jorge, 44 years old, was pistol whipped and had a cash register tray thrown at his head. His head was pouring blood and required 5 stitches as well as an 8 hour hospital stay. All of that violence netted the thugs around $500.

With no one stopping them the criminals made a stop just blocks away at El Jaya Deli & Grocery. The two armed men stormed into the store wearing masks and dressed in all black. One of the punks pushed two employees into the back of the store and kept an eye on them while the other pointed his handgun at the man working the register - the store owner.

"Don't look at me. Don't look at my face. I will kill you. You're going to be dead," the robber kept threatening the men while holding guns on them. Getting over $6,000 in cash and several cartons of cigarettes the armed robbers started to flee.

That's when one of the employees, the owner's cousin, grabbed a gun he has kept hidden behind the register for years. He chased the arm men and when he saw the shot he fired. "I think I got one of them," the cousin said when he got back into the store.

Police found the car with driver Clara Amala, 22, Jermaine Eason, 23, and Rayvon Wilson, 23 and pulled them over. Eason was transported to St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center with a gunshot wound and was in critical but stable condition as of Wednesday. All of the suspects were charges with multiple counts of robbery fora string of recent incidents.

You know what? Jorge was right. The guy up the street is a hero.

Posts: News / Bodega clerk refuses to be a victim. Stops crime spree (New Jersey)

Posted By: barstoolguru
12/03/12 11:23 AM

They did what the cops couldn’t and now might be charged. The cops are saying that there was not threat of bodily harm because the men were running away and are looking into charging the store owner. Here is a news flash foe the cops; just because someone is running away does not mean the will not come back that moment or another day. It has been proven that criminals will return to a crime when they feel the target is worth the risk