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Defensive Display for Black Friday! Media paints a different story (Texas)

So you're shopping with the family on Black Friday. Notice I said "you're shopping" because you wouldn't catch me out at the mall if they were giving ammo away. Okay, well, maybe.

I digress... so you're out shopping at Sears on Black Friday when a man starts pushing through the line, calling people names, and generally being a jackass. Finally he boils over and punches you in the face while you're in line with your kids.

How would you handle this?

Remember that a single punch can be all it takes as we saw from this footage of a real scumbag in London this week (warning the video can be hard to watch):

How did the man at Sears, a licensed concealed carrier, drew his firearm and pointed it at his attacker and told his kids to get down. The attacked ran to hide behind a refrigerator before fleeing the store. The CCW licensee then kept the gun pointed at the ground before reholstering.

As a witness said, "it kind of went a little crazy in there". Police arrived, no charges were filed against the victim because well, he was the victim and he had his license. Shortly after the incident and the police arriving people were streaming in and out of Sears with their new purchases.

Defensive display works. It should be the law. Can you hear me state legislators?

And what is the media saying about the story?
Huffington Post: San Antonio Man Allegedly Pulls Gun On Line-Cutting Black Friday Shopper Man pulls gun on Black Friday line-cutter