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Teenager shoots, kills father to save his mother (Florida)

He may not realize it or feel like one at this moment but 17-year-old Channing Thorpe is a hero. Around 10p.m. on Saturday night he was in the family's Plant City, Florida home when he saw and heard his father, Christopher Thorpe, beating and strangling his mother, Jill Thorpe. The assault spilled out from the bedroom and into the living room where the father continued to punch and strangle Jill.

While there was no history of domestic violence - police had only been to the house once before and that was for a loose animal call, Channing rushed to his mothers aid. Grabbing a handgun, channing fired several shots. One of the bullets struck Jill in the leg while the others struck and killed his father, stopping the attack.

The family was known for being extremely close and it is unknown what caused the attack to start at this time.

As the father of a 17 year old son, I can only vaguely imagine what Channing is going through right now as his family and his world are turned upside down. Sometimes the person who suffers the most in a defensive shooting is the shooter.