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Homeowner finds two burglars, grabs his gun (Texas)

A Houston, Texas homeowner came home from work around 7:30 Tuesday night to find two burglars in his home.

As any good Texan would, he ran to his car, grabbed his gun and confronted the men. As the would be burglars fled the house and tried to run for their 1997 white Lincoln Town Car, the homeowner fired.

Harris County Deputies report that one of the suspects was shot in the leg but managed to get into the car and drive himself to a nearby convenience store. Police met him there and had his transported to the hospital. Once released he will be charged.

UPDATE: When the police came and picked up the man, he was face down on the ground holding his leg. What made him stop at the gas station? Because he wasn't the only object hit with a bullet. Two of his tires were blown out from gunshots.

Well done homeowner, well done.