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Store clerk shoots after being assaulted (VIDEO) (Texas)

I'm guessing the protesters up in arms about this case haven't seen this video footage yet. Don't get me wrong, they will still protest as if Alexander Calloway did nothing wrong - but I still doubt they've seen this footage.

What happened? Around 3:30 Monday morning Calloway and two cousins tried to enter a Valero gas station on Martin Luther King in Houston, Texas but the store was locked. An argument ensued and the store clerk opened the door - he can even be seen inviting Calloway into the store.

Calloway then punched the store clerk in the face. As Calloway begins to reach for another punch, the store clerk draws and fires, ending the attack. Calloway's cousins rushed him to the nearby fire station where paramedics rushed him to Ben Taub Hospital in critical condition.

But wait... there's more. What did they do before they left the scene?
They drew a gun and fired three shots through the transaction slot in the security glass.

The store clerk has said that he was in fear not only from Calloway but from the two cousins as well. Police have called the shooting a clear case of self defense. The same clerk was robbed inside of the store last year and was shot during that robbery.

While the store owner, George Hlaiheo, has stood by the clerk's right to defend himself he had to dismiss the clerk from his employment at the store. In Hlaiheo's words, "for the sake of the community, we feel very strongly that he won't be coming back to work here".

So, not only did the clerk get robbed and shot once before. Not only did he defend himself after being assaulted by the leader of a group of three men. Now, he also gets to find a new job in order to satiate the community anger.

And while the community activists get worked up and stoke the anger of their community, the facts get left behind. A quick review:

• The store owner knew Calloway as a long time customer and opened the door in order to ask Calloway calmly to leave the property,

• Calloway punched the store owner,

• After being assaulted and seeing that Calloway was with two other men the store owner defended himself,

• Calloway's cohorts pulled a gun and tried to shoot the clerk rather than immediately take their cousin for help - a clear case that the clerk was in far more danger had he not stopped the attack.

And yet we'll end with words from community activist Quannell X, "So let the owner know that there are going to be problems. What happened here should not have happened."

Great leadership, Quannell. Great. Friggin. Leadership.