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Neighborhood watch hero - 1 attacker dead, 1 attacker wounded (Michigan)

What could be more American than working on your car in Detroit, Michigan? That's how the day started yet it ended in what police are calling an Old West style shootout in the street in broad daylight.

Two men, both neighborhood watch members, were working on a car when they were approached by two strangers armed with guns. The two punk ass motherfuckers criminals pointed their guns at the men and tried to rob them and steal a car. One of the "victims" tried to pull the gun away from the first criminal and the gun discharged, striking the victim in the leg.

Using that momentary commotion as a distraction the other victim hero, drew his concealed handgun and opened fire with deadly accuracy. One of the criminals was wounded and the other was left dead in the street.

The neighbors are supporting their friend and neighborhood watch captain.. and calling him a hero.

It's defensive gun uses like this that show how ordinary people can defend themselves and their neighborhoods - and be the everyday heroes a society needs.

Posts: News / Neighborhood watch hero - 1 attacker dead, 1 attacker wounded (Michigan)

Posted By: barstoolguru
12/01/12 09:52 AM

only in Detroit will someone try and hijack a broke down car
Posted By: Michael
12/01/12 02:50 PM

I've never been. but it sure sounds nice.