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Campus killing spree - with a bow and arrow type weapon (Wyoming)

Today we are faced with another college tragedy. The facts of the story as we know them so far are:

Police were called to the scene of Casper College in Casper, Wyoming. On the grounds of the small community college authorities found 2 people dead - a faculty member and another as yet unidentified person "of school age". A third person died in another part of Casper and is believed to be the perpetrator of the violence.

The school was put on lockdown while police cleared the area. Police have not said what the weapon was yet have said it was not a firearm and was a "bow and arrow" type weapon. My assumption is that we are talking about a crossbow most likely.

These tragedies always come with some kind of point for people to talk about. Usually it's how we let mental health funding slip or how people just fall through the cracks of society and feel completely abandoned.

In this case, I'd like to take a moment to talk about where the gun control myth fails. As we saw today in Casper, when people decide to kill - even on a multiple victim scale - it is not because they have a firearm. Today's attacker used a weapon that has literally been in existence for hundreds upon hundreds of years.

Why does this matter? Because it's not the technology that makes a killer - it's the mind. Once someone has crossed into the realm where they are going to commit violence they will find a tool to do it with. Perhaps now we can have a real talk about what causes violence and stop pretending that an inanimate object makes people into killers.

Posts: News / Campus killing spree - with a bow and arrow type weapon (Wyoming)

Posted By: Michael
11/30/12 08:11 PM

great. now sticks are gonna be illegal
Posted By: barstoolguru
12/03/12 08:22 PM

You never see a mass murder at a gun show, just at gun free zones. It’s a shame that we have to carry a gun at a school of higher learning but when you restrict gun control to the law abiding person you also send a message to criminals that there are sheep waiting to be slaughtered