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Home invasion only makes it to foyer - intruder shot (Tennessee)

59 year old Gary Berthiaume was sitting on his back porch in Knoxville, Tennessee. I know it sounds cliche, but down here in the South some people really do just sit on the back porch for a while. Anyway...

While Gary was sitting on the porch he noticed a black male peeking through the window of the front door. As Gary went inside and armed himself. As he opened the front door to investigate, two men charged in and attacked him.

Being forced backwards into the foyer, Gary managed to get off a single shot and struck one of the suspects in the upper chest. Both men fled the scene immediately (funny how that happens).

Gary called 911 and was taken to the University of Tennessee Medical Center to be treated for minor injuries. Moments after Gary arrived, at UTMC the police received reports of a man, now identified as Joshua Williams, with a gunshot wound being dropped off at Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center.

Williams has been transferred to UTMC and will be charged once he is released. Police are still looking for the other suspects.