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God Bless Texas: Neighbor stops, handcuffs robbers at gunpoint (Texas)

Two dipshits would-be burglars picked the wrong place to go today when they went to a house on Red Cedar Lane in Baytown, Texas. You see the neighbors on Red Cedar Lane take pride in their community and in watching out for each other.

That's exactly what happened when one of the residents spotted 18-year-old Brandon Flores and 20-year-old Roger Boose breaking into a house across the street. The neighbor went back into the house, grabbed a gun and handcuffs and went to handle the situation.

By the time police arrived Jackass 1 and Jackass 2 Flores and Boose were handcuffed together and being held at gunpoint. Neighbor Suzanne Lumus says the boys were lucky to be held at gunpoint, "I'd have shot to kill. I wouldn't have handcuffed and waited. They wouldn't have made it inside my neighbors house".

See these residents were plagued by the Houston area's rampant crime and have had enough. "You have all this stuff that happens in the neighborhoods in Houston, where people are getting shot and killed and raped and murdered. We're not having it," Lumus said.

As fellow resident Richard Shelvin said, "You have no business breaking into someone's house, especially here. This is a one-way in, one-way out type of neighborhood".

Forget State Farm, I want this neighbor to be there for me.