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Home invasion turns into gunfight, school locked down (California)

Monday morning three men tried their hand at home invasion in a home directly across the street from Harte Middle School in Oakland, California. Their attempt didn't go as planned because the homeowner drew his gun and exchanged gunfire with the criminals.

The three men fled the scene and the homeowner called police. The school was placed into lockdown for an hour and a half while police made sure the area was safe (safe being a relative term - it is Oakland after all). While police were investigating a man showed up at Highland Hospital with multiple gunshot wounds to the leg.

Police were about to link the man to the robbery and were able to find one of the other robbers guns nearby.

And yet Bob Costas doesn't understand why people have guns, Diane Feinstein doesn't understand why you could need more than 10 rounds of ammunition, and Mayor Bloomberg believes only his bodyguards should be armed.