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A response to Whitlock and Costas

It isn't often you find gun control topics on sports news pages, but with the recent events in Kansas City there has been a few. There have already been some posts here on over the article written by Whitlock and Bob Costas's stance following the tragedy of Jovan Belcher's murder of his baby's mother and eventually himself.

You can read the Whitlock post here:

With everyone talking about gun control in the wake of this Jen Engel has written her own response to these articles. It's nice to see that some in the media have still retained some common sense.

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Posts: News / A response to Whitlock and Costas

Posted By: Jason
12/05/12 12:23 AM

Absolutely one of the best articles I've read. Jen did a great job explaining it. And she didn't resort to fat jokes about Whitlock or OJ jokes about Costas like I did.