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81 year old man uses 57 year old gun to face robbers (Michigan)

Dave is an 81 year old Detroit, Michigan man. Last Thursday, Dave was startled from his sleep at around 7 in the morning. From his bedroom, he was able to see that front door had been broken.

Dave reached for his .22-caliber revolver - the very one pictured above. "I have had this since 1955 and never been fired. Never been fired," Dave told reporters. As Dave walked towards the bedroom door, one of the intruders came through.

How did the 81-year-old handle it? "I didn't say anything to him and I discharged the weapon", said Dave. The intruder had a shocked look on his face but said nothing as he started down the stairs. As the man was moving down the stairs Dave fired twice more at the man.

The intruder ran from the house. While there was no blood trail, Dave believes he hit the man as there is only one bullet mark visible in the house.

Any advice for us Dave?

"The question is, what do you do if this happens? Make sure you're not harmed".

Well said, Dave, well said.

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Posted By: barstoolguru
12/05/12 09:16 AM

I wonder if teddy Roosevelt had that gun when he charged up San Juan Hill. That bullet was probably moving so slow it looked like a scene from super man; bullets where bouncing off him