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Hurry up now, my husband's fixin to shoot him (Texas)

Most entertaining 911 all in a while. A man calling himself "Philip Tanner" called Parker County, Texas 911 saying that he had a gun pointed on him. When asked why he had a gun pointed at him, he told the dispatcher, "because I'm on his property". Asked if he was breaking into the house, he said, "No... I was walking". After taking more details, the operator told Philip to sit still, tell them that deputies were on their way, just don't move.

At approximately the same time, operators received a 911 call from the other side of the incident. While the homeowner had his gun pointed at "Philip Tanner", his wife told 911 operators a different side of the story. This being Texas, she then told the operator, "Hurry up now, my husband's fixin' to shoot him".

So what really happened?

Just after 12:30 the 38-year-old homeowner and his wife woke up to to find Philip Tanner, whose real name turned out to be Christopher Lance Moore, standing over their bedside wearing dark clothing and a hooded jacket.

The startled homeowner asked him what he was doing in the bedroom. Moore's response? "Just unlucky I guess". Moore then tried to run from the house into his pickup. He was followed by the now armed homeowner. Just outside the house, the homeowner ordered him to drop his keys and sit down in the truck. Moore complied. Authorities arrived and took Moore into custody

Told ya... best 911 calls in a while.

Posts: News / Hurry up now, my husband's fixin to shoot him (Texas)

Posted By: barstoolguru
12/06/12 11:38 AM

And he was probably out the next day; $35,000 is nothing in a bond ($3500.00) or his mother’s house.
he should have gave him some lead poisoning

Posted By: Jason
12/06/12 05:26 PM

He's a better man than me. Waking up to an intruder in the bedroom and you were willing to hold him at gunpoint? I don't know that I'm that believing in the good of man or the justice system. Castle doctrine state or not, a man standing over you in your own home has made his choices.