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Home sick from school, boy shoots at home invader (North Carolina)

All I know is dad's going to be pissed about the television either way.

See, a young Stokesdale, North Carolina boy was home from school because he was sick. Around 1:00 in the afternoon the family dogs started barking loudly so the boy looked outside. What he saw was every parents nightmare with their children home alone - a man wearing a mask and carrying a handgun approaching the house.

Seeing the criminal approach, the boy went into his parents bedroom and retrieved his father's handgun. By the time the boy made it back to the living room the intruder was already inside the house. Without hesitating the boy fired at the intruder. The only victim of that shot was the family television (and likely the intruders underwear), but the thug fled the scene and the boy called 911.

Police came and used K9's to search for the intruder but were not able to locate him.

So, dad's probably not happy about the television but he has to be pretty happy with how he raised his son.