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Pregnant woman shoots home invader (Arizona)

Ho. Ly. Crap.

25-year-old Channing Sydes was home with her two small children when two thugs came calling. Oh yeah, and she's pregnant.

Two brothers, Melvin and Larry Elam, came to the house demanding to talk to her fiancee. The men would not believe that Channing's fiancee was not home. As Channing told reporters, "he was telling me I'm going to kill you, I'm going to kill your kids. I'm going get you, I'm going to get your family. As soon as he started coming at me I felt like I just had to stop him". And she did.

Channing went back into the house and one of the men broke a window. At that point Channing saw that the man was armed with a handgun and she opened fire with three rounds - stopping when she saw that the man was wounded. The wounded man and his brother made it back to their car where they opened fire on the home while pulling away.

Why did Channing fire three shots?
"I fired three shots and as soon as one of them hit him I just stopped. I didn't want it be an overkill situation. I wasn't like, 'oh you know I want to make sure this person is dead.' I just wanted him to stop coming at me. I didn't want him to kill me or my children."

Channing has some serious self-control, that's all I can say.