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Robbery turns into gunfight, robber killed (Tennessee)

A man and woman were standing in their driveway Saturday night when Darius Davis approached and ordered them not to move. As the woman turned to run inside Davis opened fire on his two victims.

The man pushed the woman to the ground and tried to shield her although both were already wounded. At that point the man drew his handgun and returned fire at Davis, killing him.

Both of the victims were taken to the hospital where they were treated and released.

Something worth noting: The hero who killed Davis was only in town visiting friends and family - one more reason for national concealed carry reciprocity. If he had been somewhere that he wasn't allowed to carry his firearm, this would be a drastically different story.

Posts: News / Robbery turns into gunfight, robber killed (Tennessee)

Posted By: barstoolguru
12/10/12 01:47 PM

National concealed carry reciprocity would be great but too many politicians have their own agendas to try. It’s so hard to carry in other states because if and when something happens you're yo-yoed back and forth through the legal system and that can take its toll on anyone
Posted By: Jason
12/11/12 02:24 AM

Good point. It's actually good politics for some Senators (named Feinstein perhaps) to oppose reciprocity just as it's good politics for the majority to favor it. All we have to do is remember that a politicians job isn't to solve problems or improve quality of life - it's to get and stay elected. Once you solve a problem, you don't have anything to tell people you'll fix next.