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I no scared, I dont fear nothing. Shop keeper draws on armed robber (Missouri)

Sandy Maniphonh has run the Asian World Market in St. Louis, Missouri for the past 21 years. Until Wednesday morning, the store hadn't been robbed in over 15 years.

What happened Wednesday? Security footage shows a man in a hoodie and a mask walk into the store and approach the counter. As the man got to the counter he drew a handgun and told Sandy to put the money in the bag - yup, straight out of a movie.

Sandy told the man she was getting a bag to give him the money and instead she pulled her gun and aimed it at him. One problem according to Sandy, "I no shot him yet because my gun is locked". While gun control advocates can talk about the safety of a trigger lock, Sandy can now tell you just how bad they can be when your life is on the line.

Luckily, the criminal ran from the store. Once he made it to the corner he turned and opened fire back on the Asian market but missed. Yes, he missed the entire store.

The entire store.

Oh, and I bet Sandy will never have a trigger lock on her gun again.