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He can come back if he wants. I'll wait for him tomorrow morning (Illinois)

On the day that the Appeals Court struck down the Illinois ban on concealed carry, a Chicago area man was reminded just how important it is to be able to defend yourself.

Richard Niemiec was at his home in Naperville, Illinois when he was jolted from sleep by his dog, Bruiser, barking. Alarmed by Bruiser, Richard grabbed his handgun. As he entered the kitchen he was startled by a shadowy figure wearing a hoodie. As Richard put it, "I thought it was a dream; it was just a dream, it's a shadow, because you don't expect somebody to be in your house".

Niemiec fired 8 rounds at the intruder and were unsure if he struck the intruder. What they were sure of is that the mans footsteps lead from the house to nearby Steeple Run Elementary school and officials put the school into immediate lockdown. Since it was before school had opened parents were e-mailed, texted, and called to keep their children from the school until the all clear was given. By 9:45 the all clear was given and school resumed.

Did Richard have any more words for the intruder? "He can come back if he wants. I'll wait for him tomorrow morning".