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Concealed carrier shoots armed robber (Nevada)

Sometimes it sucks to catch a story really early on. I just don't have that many details on this one yet and there may or may not be more coverage. You see, law abiding citizens using guns to defend themselves doesn't fit with either the crime narrative or the sensationalist story narrative of a news network so it tends to slip away unless it's a slow newsday.

But I digest... on to the news:

Just after 4p.m. at the Home Consignment Center on Eastern and Serene in Las Vegas, Nevada at least one armed man entered the store in an attempted armed robbery. A store clerk drew his weapon and fired multiple times, striking the would be robber.

The criminal fled to the parking lot where he jumped into a waiting champagne colored pickup truck and escaped.

Like I said, not much but it's just another case of the sheepdogs protecting their lives and the lives of their friends and coworkers. Well done.

Posts: News / Concealed carrier shoots armed robber (Nevada)

Posted By: JBeechel
12/13/12 12:47 PM

I thought I'd help out with a little more detail as follow up. Looks like the store manager deserves real credit for her actions. Good thing it's not Autozone or she'd be fired.

Witnesses told detectives that the two male suspects came in with their faces covered and began smashing jewelry cases with a hammer. Detectives are working to determine how much of the jewelry was stolen.

"The store manager told her employees to go out the back entrance of the store," said Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Sgt. Steve Junge. "Then she yelled for the suspects to stop, pulled out a gun from behind the counter, and fired two rounds in their direction. She thought she hit one of them, but wasn't sure."

Posted By: Jason
12/13/12 01:08 PM

And my sexist pig of a mind comes out again as I assumed the shooter was a guy:

A store clerk drew his weapon and fired multiple times, striking the would be robber.

Always nice to be shown up by the new guy, lol.