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Burglar puts hole in window, homeowner puts holes in burglar (California)

Residents in a Bakersfield, California neighborhood are scared after a recent surge of suspected criminal activity led to a home intruder being shot just before 11a.m. yesterday. Neighbor Mary Leal said, "They are knocking on doors to see if people are home... things are just starting to happen. I don't know if it's the Christmas or people getting out of jail. I don't know. I just don't know."

While the neighbors have seen increased suspicious activity, one homeowner saw a lot more. Arturo Jose Luis Estrada removed a window screen and then broke the kitchen window to the home. Bluntly, I don't understand why you carefully remove the screen only to break a window but whatever. The homeowner heard the commotion, grabbed and handgun and encountered Estrada.

Was it a friendly hello? Offer him tea and crumpets? Nope, he fired multiple rounds and struck Estrada at least twice. Estrada fled the house and was seen leaving the area with a Hispanic woman with black hair (that description should narrow it down a lot!). Of course, bullet wounds and running aren't really symbiotic so Estrada made it half a block before collapsing.

Police were called, took Estrada into custody and over to Kern Medical center with gunshot wounds to the chest and arm. Estrada was treated and will be taken back into police custody upon his arrest.

This being California, police are still looking into charges against the homeowner.

Posts: News / Burglar puts hole in window, homeowner puts holes in burglar (California)

Posted By: barstoolguru
12/12/12 05:39 AM

Two things that that suck, one being the home owner could be charged and two that it will be registered as a gun related shooting without clarity even though it was justified
Posted By: Jayson
12/12/12 12:27 PM

Usually I would say that I would be surprised if charges were brought against the homeowner, but it is California so who knows. Hopefully there is a follow-up on this story sometime. Sadly, it will likely only make news again if he is charged.
Posted By: Jason
12/12/12 12:53 PM

I see notices that people aren't getting charged from shootings all the time. It's usually 6-8 months after the shooting. Sounds like fun spending half a year waiting to know if you have to defend yourself from the state for defending yourself from a criminal. I'll keep an eye out on this one.

And BSG... we have an article in the works covering just that little detail! Give it about a week or two. It will be my Christmas present to you.