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Craigslist robbery plan meets concealed carrier (Florida)

A man and his friend were selling a four wheeler on Craigslist when they met up with two potential buyers Saturday afternoon. Now, dealing on Craigslist is always a toss up because you get the bogus e-mails, fake payments, and occasionally have to deal with unsavory characters.

That's exactly what happened to the two sellers Saturday afternoon. When they met up in the parking lot of the Pebble Creek Apartments in Lake Mary, Florida the two "buyers" jumped into the back of the car and put guns to the sellers heads.

In a scene straight out of a movie, one of the would be victims drew his concealed carry weapon and opened fire - wounding both men numerous times. One of the criminals jumped into a car and tried to drive off but died and lost control of his car. The other man, show multiple times was found nearby hiding under a duplex. He was taken to the hospital and underwent emergency surgery.